2U 14″ Vented Eco Shelf



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Overall 14" depth

Approvals RoHS

Country of Origin USA

U Size 2U

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The Kendall Howard 2U 14″ Vented Eco Shelf is a medium duty shelf that helps to maintain proper air circulation in your racks and cabinets. Rated to hold up to 50 lbs., this cantilever rack shelf is perfect for supporting monitors, switches and other lightweight network or A/V equipment.


  1. Question Do you offer 3.5" H x 17" W x 14" D shelf? unipc
    Answer All of our shelves comply with the EIA 19" standard. To meet the 19 inch EIA standard, a server chassis width will need to be less than 17.75 inches. Any larger than this and you will not be able to insert the server through the front. Additionally, your rails or shelves needs threaded holes 18.31 inches apart. All shelving units we carry can be found here https://theuncgroup.com/product-category/network-racks-accessories/shelves-work-stations-accessories/


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