image of 10amp C13-C14 red power cords

C13 to C14 Power Cord, 10amp, SVT, 18awg

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Connector A C13

Connector B C14

Amps 10 amps

Gauge (AWG) 18 AWG

Conductor Color White, Black & Green

Conductors Annealed Pure Copper

Jacket Rating SVT

Volt 250V

Temperature Rating -20°C to +105°C

Approvals UL, RoHS, REACH


HTS Code 8544.42.9090

Warranty Lifetime

UNC C13 to C14 Power Cords

Looking for a quality power cord? Look no further than UNC Group! Our 100% annealed pure copper power cords are built with the highest quality materials available. Plus, we offer a variety of connector options to meet your needs. So whether you’re powering network equipment in a data center or just looking for a replacement for your old cord, UNC Group has you covered!

C14 Male


The IEC C14 male connector primarily plugs into the PDU (Power Distribution Unit) within the data center. It can also plug into the UPS (Uninterruptable Power Supply) system. 


UNC C14 Red Connector UNC C13 Red Connector
C13 Female

The IEC C13 female connector primarily plugs into the equipment. Typically servers, desktop computers, TV’s and monitors require this type of connector.

UNC Group

Best in Class Power Cords

If you need a power cord that’s built to last and can handle high demands, then look no further than UNC Power cords. They’re rated for data centers so they have the strength needed in any environment – plus they come with an amazing lifetime warranty!

Why UNC Power Cords?

UL Listed and RoHS Compliant

Peace of mind through safety.

ISO Certification

Ensuring a high quality product.

Unmatched Customer Service

We are right by your side every step of the way.

Blazing fast shipping

When you need IT yesterday.


  1. Question rohs unipc
    Answer Yes. Approvals UL, RoHS, REACH
  2. Question Do you have a SJT version available? Amanda Garcia
    Answer Yes! you can find it here.

1 review

  1. Dave

    Great product. Works perfectly and the different colors allow me to indicate critical equipment.

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