C13 to C14 P-lock power cord

P-Lock C14 to C13 Power Cord, 10amp, 18awg



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Jacket Rating SVT

Connector A C13

Connector B P-Lock C14

Amps 10 amps

Volt 250V

Gauge (AWG) 18 AWG

Approvals UL, RoHS, REACH

Temperature Rating -20°C to +105°C

Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


HTS Code 8544.42.9090

10amp P-Lock power cords work exclusively with special P-Lock outlets/receptacles on PDUs. The PDUs are fitted with a special receptacle to allow the P-lock to grab hold and lock the cord into the unit. The main brands currently utilizing this recepticle are ServerTech, Raritan, and GELU.nnUsing 10amp p-lock power cords helps to ensure a secure connection between the power cable and the PDU. This can limit accidental power loss to equipment due to loose connections.

When to use C13 to C14 Power Cords

The C14 configuration is the male version of the C13 configuration. They fit like together like two peas in a pod, like spic and span, like white on rice – you get the picture. Most switches, servers and desktop computer equipment utilize the C14 inlet in their power supply. In order to attach a power cord to this power supply, you will need a power cord with the C13 connector. Since this type of equipment is used within a data center rack, the power source is generally a PDU (Power Distribution Unit). The PDU can have C13 inlets, in which case you would need a C14 connector to plug into the PDU. Hence the C13 to C14 power cords.


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